Shipping & Delivering

Regarding in stock parts, orders can generally be ready to ship within 48 hours.

Ampheo ships orders once a day at about 5 pm. at workday.

Once the goods are shipped, estimated delivery time depends on the shipping methods you chose:

Ship MethodsDelivery Time
FedEx International5-7 business days
DHL E-Commerce5-7 business days
DHL Express5-7 business days
DHL Express vs DHL E-Commerce vs FedEx International
DHL E-Commerce VS DHL ExpressAlthough they both work for DHL, their commercial interests diverge. The transport rate makes a significant influence. DHL E-Commerce moves more slowly than airmail. The destination post office will be in charge of the transportation after the package reaches the intended country. Speedier is DHL Express.
DHL vs. FedEx  For domestic shipments, FedEx courier services are less expensive; for international shipments, DHL is less expensive. While DHL Express service is normally the fastest option for overseas shipment, FedEx is typically faster for domestic transit in the US.
Shipping Fees
Basic freight (for packages weighing less than 0.5 kg or of a comparable amount) is determined by the country and time zone. Taxes, insurance, handling fees, duties (including but not limited to tariffs), and any other fees of a similar nature are not included; their payment is entirely your obligation. The actual freight changes depending on the circumstances.
Note: For a variety of reasons, including failure to pay tariffs, a delay in customs clearance, an erroneous address, unclaimed mail at the post office, etc., orders may be returned, abandoned, or wrecked. Customers are notified if packages are returned or fail to arrive. When it is returned, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs for both the original shipment and the return. When these circumstances arise, we make every effort to help the clients. However, we are not liable in any way for the aforementioned situations.

Here are a few typical countries in terms of logistics.

RegionCountryLogistic Time
North AmericaUnited States5 Days
Brazil7 Days
EuropeUnited Kingdom5 Days
Germany5 Days
Italy5 Days
AsiaJapan7 Days
India6 Days
China7 Days
OceaniaAustralia6 Days
New Zealand7 Days
Middle EastIsrael6 Days

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