Shipping & Delivering

Refunds are often allowed within 30 days of the package’s delivery date. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. This encompasses the following motives without being restricted to them:

The package was not delivered to you as usual. We will refund your purchase or resend the shipment if it is not delivered to you within the usual delivery days. The only situation in which this rule does not apply is when the buyer agrees to take responsibility for any failed deliveries, including those resulting from incorrect delivery addresses, unsuccessful customs clearance, etc.

If you experience any of the following: extreme weather, mail delays, difficulties with customs clearance, local protests, etc., do let us know. Although we can’t promise on-time delivery in this situation, we’ll try to be of assistance.

Items from my missing package.

Check to make sure you received each box. Then you should open each box you received and take everything out. On occasion, small pieces can get caught in seams and packaging. If you are having trouble finding your item, kindly get in touch with customer service immediately soon. Include details on the numbers that cannot be accounted for as well as pictures of the entire package. So that we may examine the monitor records and the packing photo records, they will be sent to our warehouse. Steps:

1. Send an email to the support team to request permission.

2. We’ll validate the issue and look into it.

3. Give every customer a customized solution.


Products can be returned to us by customers. Buyers are required to certify that they purchased items from us. Please get in touch with our support staff right away if you have any questions. This includes, but is not limited to, the reasons listed below:

  • Arrived Too Late 
  • Product No Longer Needed 
  • Damaged product
  • Ordered the wrong part or quantity
  • Damaged Or Defective Product
  • Received Incorrect Product Or Quantity

General Rules:

Refund will be got back to you in 3 days after we accept product returns.

When a customer requests a return due to ‘non-original/fake/quality problems’, a valid quality report from a third-party authoritative organization recognized by our company is required for the return and exchange.

Any charges from customs and other fees should be paid by customers if the return reason is customers’ reason, such as buy parts mistakenly,etc.

Return Freight charges must be prepaid; we will not accept COD shipments.

Except for any products designated on the site as non-returnable,we will accept returns in original condition within 30 days of delivery.
*Please note that we don’t accept returns after the 30 day timeframe. If an item is sent back after the 30 day window, we may have to send it back to your default delivery address and ask you to cover the delivery costs.

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